Satisfaction is a low threshold
identify what truly drives loyalty
Delight your clients, don't just satisfy them

Identify how clients want to feel after experiencing your brand

Identify the drivers of loyalty

Identify the unstated reasons
why customers leave

Customer experience is the #1 requisite
for a brand to exist and grow

- Ernst and Young global study

But understanding your customer's experience requires more than an NPS survey

Satisfied clients leave

We need to do better than just satisfy. Satisfaction is simply table stakes.

NPS is not enough

There is much more to experience measurement than NPS. NPS tends to focus on the transaction. But experience is a bigger, emotional construct.

Do your "SAT scores" match your sales?

There is much more to experience measurement than NPS. NPS tends to focus on the transaction. But experience is a bigger, emotional construct.



Understanding "experience" means uncovering your customer's emotional response
to your stores, website, products, services team. Afterall...

"Decisions are made emotionally, justified rationally"

- Gerald Zaltman

If we don't find the emotional motivations, we will have missed the real motivations


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approach is designed to discover

the emotional and functional drivers of loyalty

The best approach for you depends on your industry and your situation.

Qualitative Insights

Interviews with current and former (if possible) customers. They will tell us the functional reasons for satisfaction, but we also listen for and probe on the emotional reasons.
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Virtual In-The-Moment Experience

Sometimes there is nothing better than hearing from the customer while they are in the midst of the experience. This provides the opportunity to show us what they like or dislike.

Complete Satisfaction Study

This includes all of the hypotheses generated by the qualitative methods, adds management hypotheses, and captures quantitative feedback on all. A driver analysis is conducted to reveal which are the most important drivers.
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Pulse Surveys or Transaction-Based Surveys

This zeros in on the more important metrics. It occurs either periodically or immediately following the experience, depending on the business. These are typically very short but with a large sample size so that results can be shared with a store, branch, office, etc. It also offers a 360 view to management.
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Problem Identification

This is a tool to help you finetune your experience. This process identifies and quantifies problems, frustrations, and even nuisances.
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Identify the unstated reasons why customers leave
Identify the real, unstated reasons why customers leave. Most studies capture the logical, surface reasons. When changes are made, retention does not increase. We identify the real, unstated reasons.
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Uncover the real, unstated reason why customers leave

Researchers love scales. The problem is, there are so many problems. There are better ways.

The latest on how consumers make decisions (and it’s not on scales)

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