Insights for strong, successful products and services

Quickly identify products and features that have a high probability of success
Identify the products and features customers want
Identify how best to talk about your products and features – messages that work
Identify the right pricing
Understand the benefit
behind the features

Understand how your product stacks up against the competition



The most successful products are those that truly solve a problem

But too many start the process by designing a set of features.
  • Customers don’t care about features
  • Customers don’t care about how good you are
  • Customers don’t care about how innovative you are

Customers do care about the benefits they receive – primarily the emotional benefits

This is true even among B2B products.
(e.g., the safe choice, makes me look good)

If we don’t find the emotional benefits, we will have missed what truly drives choice and our products will have underperformed

There is a lot more to product research than focus groups and concept tests

For that matter, not all concept tests are the same.

The right method depends on so many things.

  • Your current market knowledge
  • Your product’s life stage (new to the world vs. established)
  • Your budget
  • Your timing

“What I like about you guys is that you don’t put us into a research box. You think through what we really need.”

- Karen Padgett, President of Unfenced Animal Health

One approach to identifying the best research approach is understanding where your product falls in the New Project Development Process

Identifying the best research approach depends on where your product is in the product development funnel.

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Before spending a dime on research, pre-screen ideas internally. Advance only the best ideas. These tools below help you do that.

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Here are a few types of product research we can do for you

Qualitative Insights

Interviews with current, former, and prospective users. We listen for the emotional reaction, not just the rational.
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Concept Screen

A fast and predictive way to quickly screen out “the dogs.” So that you can spend more time focusing on the products or features that have higher probability of success. We evaluate just the idea.
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Concept Test

Interviews with current, former, and prospective users. We listen for the emotional reaction, not just the rational.

Problem Detection

Customers may leave due to problems they encounter with your brand. Problem Detection identifies problems that may exist before customers leave. It will identify those frequent nuisances as well as the infrequent big deals.
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Awareness & Usage

Awareness of your product as well as competitive products. Capture market consideration and usage of all relevant products in your category. competitive products. This will include identifying drivers of choice and revealing where each of the brands performs on these drivers of choice.


A number of potential methods exist depending on the situation. Are you testing a “new to the world” product? An individual product? Or a line of products?

Virtual In-The-Moment Shopping

Sometimes there is nothing better than hearing from a perspective customer while they are in the midst of their purchasing decision. That is, while they are standing in front of the store display. This method immediately reveals the reasons customer choose to purchase or reject your product versus another in the competitive set.
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A faster, more predictive, and lower-cost way to screen out new product ideas or features

Researchers love scales. The problem is, there are so many problems. There are better ways.
The latest on how consumers make decisions (and it’s not on scales)

We have tested thousands of concepts

  • This experience allows us to offer more insight and opportunities on how to make the concept better.
  • This means you can trust our results when you share them with your management.
  • Your recommendation (based on our results) will be stronger, more compelling, and lead your company to a better decision.

This is just one reason we have been named a “Most Trusted” market
research firm

This is just one reason we have been named a “Most Trusted” market research firm

  • Trusted to deliver high-quality insightful results
  • Trusted to deliver results you can share with your management without re-writing
  • Trusted to have True North present to your management

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