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A faster, more predictive, less expensive way to test new ideas

Let the voice of the customer
have a seat at the table

Deliver results at the speed of
management decisions

Predictive results in which
you can have confidence

Your management has a ton of ideas they want you to test

But here's the problem...

They want results “yesterday” and your research partners need 4 weeks

There is no budget, so costs need to be low

Then, to make matters worse, they want diagnostics so they know how to improve the ideas

If you can’t find a solution, they will make a decision without your insights

Rapid Review is a more predictive approach for testing ideas that is fast and lower cost

It is faster and lower cost because it kicks results out to a dashboard, so you don’t pay and wait for a big PowerPoint deck.

It is more predictive because it follows the same process humans go through when they make choices.

Take a look at all the ways Rapid Review helps you bring Insights to your management. . .

(hover over each benefit to learn more)

More predictive

Humans do not make decisions on a 5-point scale. They make choices. Rapid Review follows the same process humans use when making choices.

It first asks respondents if they would consider an option (or be willing to “click” to learn more). If yes, they are later asked if they would select the option. Depending on the idea being tested, we may even have a check out screen.


Results are kicked out to a dashboard, so you can see all the results in a matter of days.

Lower Cost

One respondent told me “I hate these scales. I’m tired, I want to be done, I just want my $5. ”How much time and consideration are these respondents really putting into these evaluations

Your own normative database

All results are placed into this same dashboard for quick and easy comparisons, giving each current study more context and value. Sort and filter by segment, demographics, or other criteria

Clarity of results

Results are kicked out to a dashboard, so you can see all the results in a matter of days.


Different overlays can be added to add either quantitative or qualitative diagnostics.

It’s flexible, so it will work with many types of concepts

New Product Concepts
Website features
Recipe Descriptions
Package labels

Product Names

While others deliver lots of data with limited insights…

We are building the firm we could never find. We are client-side researchers. We have run Fortune 500 research teams. We have been where you are. Our clients get…

Real insights, not tons of data in a big PowerPoint report.

Experienced client-side researchers on your project; not entry-level analysts who don’t have a clue what you do on the client-side.

Management ready findings; you won’t have to re-write when you send to your management.

We are always learning, growing, testing new technologies, never stagnant. Last year’s approach may not be the best this year. This is why we are not your father’s market research firm. Let us be yours.

1. Watch the videos (below)

To make sure this might fit your needs. Perhaps even go through our example questionnaire

2. Set up a meeting

Let’s see how this might work for you.

3. Have a system in place to evaluate ideas

That is fast, predictive, and low cost so that you keep Insights front and center in the decision-making process.

An 11-minute overview as to how it works

A short 3-minute introduction

Take an example questionnaire

Let's see how this might work for you.
Take survey

Take an example survey to see how fast and easy it is for respondents

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