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Discover the Unstated Reasons Why Customers Leave

Get the free guide that introduces you to Defection Detection – a proven method for identifying and measuring customer attrition.

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Traditional Attrition and Satisfaction Studies Don’t Reveal the Actual Reasons Why Customers Leave, Stranding You in the Dark.

The data doesn't tell you the unstated reasons why customers left
You get decks of statistics with meaningless attrition insight
Your company wastes time and money fixing the wrong things

Increasing Customer Retention by Just 5% Increases Profits by 25% to 95%.

- Harvard Business Review

You Should Be Able to Find Out Why Customers Are Really Leaving. This Free Guide Will Show You How.

You’ll learn about a research method that gives you the data and insight you need to understand why customers really leave.

Start with the Unsaid

You start by digging deeper than traditional studies. We look at not just those who left, but also who stayed.

Explore Emotional Connections

Customers buy for emotional reasons. We look at what they feel about a brand that drives their decisions.

Compare the Findings

By comparing leaving and staying customers, you’ll start to see significant differences. Therein lies the gold.

Discover the Truth

Analyzing the drivers of delight and attrition reveals significant insight on where to focus efforts to reduce attrition.

Get the Clarity You Need to Truly Understand Your Customers.

The Defection Detection method reveals the drivers of customer attrition AND delight. This is significant because they aren’t the same. And only knowing what causes customer satisfaction isn’t enough.

Discover the Unstated Reasons Why Customers Leave

This guide unpacks how to determine the real reasons behind customer attrition. The guide will show you how to:

Know and address the actual reason why your customers leave

Bring actionable insights to your organization

Get meaningful data, not just a deck full of numbers and statistics

Dave Santee, President & Founder

A Research Method that Works.

We know how frustrating your job can be when you aren’t getting the data you need to identify the real reasons why your customers are leaving. Our team members have all worked on the client-side, so we understand the pressure you’re under to get actionable insights.

After years of working on hundreds of research projects on both the client and agency side of the business, we pioneered an effective method for identifying the real, unstated reasons why customers leave. We’ve helped companies like TD Ameritrade and CenturyLink identify why customers are leaving so they can fix the real problems.

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Book a time with our team and we’ll show you how defection detection works and how it can help your organization discover why customers really leave.