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White Space

Marketers are always looking for white space – that space that defines issues that consumers care about but for which no brand owns. In the past, there has not been good ways to find this white space. Until now. True North’s process clarifies white space opportunities – if they exist.

As part of our brand and market evaluation, we determine the degree to which attributes contributes to brand choice.

When collecting brand perceptions, unlike most other firms, we include a “don’t know” choice since not all consumers can evaluate all brands on all dimensions.

But this is where the fun comes in – when we plot brand attributes based on their impact on choice by the proportion that don’t know what brand is associated with an attribute, we get a chart that looks like this one.

Those attributes that fall into the upper-right quadrant are important attributes that are not associated with any brand.  Thus, they are white space opportunities.  In other words, they are dimensions that a brand may attempt to “own” by adding it to their commutations, packages, thereby creating meaningful differentiation.