Virtual Methods to Keep Your Projects Moving

Summary of Virtual Methods and When To Use

Virtual Experience

The respondent records themselves on their mobile device as they “think out loud” when going through an experience.  This is followed by more specific questions – all recorded on the mobile device.

In addition to a report, we provide a series of video reels summarizing an issue.


  • Shopping environment
  • In-home use of a product (digital ethnography)
  • Online experience/ diagnostic journeys/ path to purchase
  • Journaling/Diary Studies

Discussion Boards

An online qualitative discussion.  A 1-3 day process with an additional set of questions each day.  Respondents log onto the discussion board when it is convenient for them.

Many tools exist, including highlighters, images, markup, fill-in-the-blank.  Great for projective techniques.


  • Messaging development
  • Logos
  • Creative
  • Concepts and ideas
  • In-home use
  • Brand perception
  • Hybrid – qual/quant, polling

Online Focus Group

Similar to traditional focus groups but all respondents are online, can see each other, and can discuss as a group.

Clients/ stakeholders have a “backroom” so that they can observe and send in notes.


  • Where we still want a group discussion
  • Concept, idea, package evaluation
  • Communication testing
  • Usability / web design
  • Voice of Employees

Online In-Depth-Interviews

We interview the respondent by phone.  Similar to a focus group but we can go more in-depth.

We can present stimulus to respondents or it can simply be a phone conversation.

Clients can listen in.  Transcripts provided.


  • When we need a more exploratory or in-depth conversation, many times before a quantitative study.
  • Great for senior-level execs or business owners or other B2B as well as B2C.

Sentiment Tracking

Quantitative survey asking about beliefs, attitudes, experiences, frustrations, desires regarding a product category or a brand.

Results can be delivered to a dashboard.


  • Tracking customers or the market to understand today’s concerns, frustrations, and how company can better serve them today.